Introducing our new shade: Chocolate Brunette


Hair colour just got sweeter! 

First we did Caramel brown hair, and now we’ve gone full brunette mode with Chocolate brown, the trending hair colour this season (and every season, let’s be honest). For ages now we’ve been asked about how to achieve that perfect rich chocolate brown hair, and now we’ve got just the thing. 

Chocolate Brunette Hair Gloss




Chocolate Gloss is a brand new shade for our Gloss Collection, our range of semi-permanent hair colour glosses that condition hair while they colour, for a refreshed, enhanced hair colour with lots of shine and moisture.

For brunettes, our bestsellers are Smoky Brunette (for a cool tone without any red or orange) and Chestnut Brunette, which is a warm, red chestnut colour.

Now introducing a mid-way between the two: Chocolate Gloss, for a velvety, rich brunette hair colour. 

Chocolate Gloss is great for natural or coloured hair as a way to revitalise tone for a temporary hair colour boost that lasts up to 6 washes. Applied like a hair mask, it works in 20 minutes or less to deeping nourishing hair with Perilla Oil and Shea Butter, resulting in a premium shiny finish. 

And it gets better; Chocolate brunette is also available as a Shade Shot. 

Add this into your Josh Wood Permanent Hair Colour to personalise the tone to suit you. 

For example, your perfect Josh Wood Colour shade is 5.5. It’s a great, natural-looking colour and covers your grey hair regrowth brilliantly.

But, you want to customise it to suit you, and really elevate your home hair dyeing experience. 

Level up your permanent hair colour by upgrading to The Miracle System in shade 5.5, with a Chocolate Brunette Shade Shot, to really intensify that rich brunette hair colour. Luxurious, like a velvety hot chocolate, the colour is beautifully flattering and wearable for all skin tones, for a timeless, healthy brunette hair colour. It’s the kind of colour you’ll rarely see outside a professional salon. 

Discover the Miracle System

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