Introducing Simona, 35, who proves princess hair doesn’t only exist in fairy tales

Josh: Simona has incredible princess hair, so it's no shock to me that her nickname is Rapunzel! I absolutely love the fact she used Josh Wood Colour on the day her son, Hunter, was born - it's such a lovely story, and so amazing to see how our products play a part in our customers' lives.

Simona's story...

I started going grey in my mid-20s. To be honest, I wasn’t too fussed about it. My natural colour helped disguise it and I knew I’d grey early because Mum and Granny did. Now I've reached a different level of grey, I can't fool anybody!

On using Josh Wood Colour... I wanted to stay my natural colour for as long I could. I never, ever coloured my hair when I was young. Now I have to colour to get rid of the grey. The first time I coloured my hair was the day my son, Hunter was born. My hair was in such bad condition and I hated the way I looked. Now I'm a convert. I feel great after using the permanent colour, you can see the results, while still looking like me. I like the way I look, I like the shade of the colour, I like the condition of my hair. Of course it makes me feel great!

On her signature style... All I ever wanted is to have my hair long and simple. My friend's kids used to call me (well, they still do in fact) 'Rapunzel'.

On her favourite Josh Wood Colour product, the Everything Mask..

I know people might say, 'she is biased because she is one of the campaign girls' but oh my goodness it's amazing. Genuinely, it's the best product ever. I really, really like it.

Simona loves...


'The Icy Blonde Shade Shot keeps my blonde ashy not brassy, which I love!'


'It's so useful to keep some Tinted Dry Shampoo in the cupboard for when there's no time to wash my hair!'


'The Everything Mask - best product EVER.'

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